What is drag?

Drag is the air resistance you experience when you are riding your bike. You can read a lot more about it by clicking here


What is a saddle?

The saddle is what you sit on. It is important to get one that suits just you in order to get maximum comfort. Therefore go down to your local bikeshop and get one that suits you perfectly. This way you can also avoid future problems with your balls and sperm quality if you are a man.

What is a wheel?

A wheel is the 2 round things on your bike that rotates when moving. You can check our reviews of wheelsets by clicking here

What is a rim?

A rim is the outer part of a wheel. This is what is in contact with the tires.

What is a tire?

A tire is the rubber that connects the bike to the road. Its placed on the rim and gives you grip so you can take corners fast. You can read our reviews of tires by clicking here

What is a rear derailleur?

A rear derailleur is the thing that keeps your chain tight. It is placed below the cassette at the rearwheel.

What is the adjusting barrel?

The adjusting barrel is placed on the rear derailleur. It can be turned clock- or anticlockwise in order to make the gears shift perfectly.

What is the cassette?

The cassette is placed at the rearwheels and consists of (usually) 10 to 11 cog's. One smaller og larger than the other, giving you as many gears as possible in combination with the crankset. 

What is a spoke nipple?

The spoke nipples are what keeps the spoke mounted on the rim and the hubs. Every spoke got a spoke nipple at their ends.

What is a spoke?

The spokes is what that connects the rim and the hubs on the wheels. The more spokes the moed solid a wheel, but they create more weight and drag. Many wheelsets only have between 16 to 24 spokes per wheels. Time trial wheels usually dont have spokes but got plates giving a better aerodynamic.

What is a seatstay?

The seatstay is the part of the frame that connects the top of the tube to the rear dropout. Normally it intersects the seat tube near where the top tube joins the seat tube.

What is a seatpost?

The seatpost is what connects your saddle to the frame. It is often long enough so you can adjust the height of the saddle in many combinations, so you can make it fit you as good as possible.

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