How Just A Single Workout Will Benefit You

25/01/2014 13:40

First of all, if you want to achieve the best life-extending, sleep-promoting, obesity-thwarting and heart-protecting benefits of exercise, you will need to do some regular activity. In fact, about 2,5 hours a week of exercise to achieve this. In these 2,5 hours there should be both moderate intensity aerobic activity, but also some strength-training sessions to help you gain a greater musclemass.


But exercise is also one of those cases where just a bit of training is better than nothing at all. So be proud of every single workout because it can change a lot in your body. Yes, every single workout will do that actually.


Your DNA will change

Swedish researchers found out that among healthy but inactive adults, just minutes of extra exercise would change their genetic material in the muscle cells.  So yes, you inherit your DNA from your parents, but your lifestyle choices also affects your DNA to either the positive or negative side, depending on your choices. With exercise, it’s gene expression for strength and metabolism you can improve, already from workout one.


You will become happier and more positive minded


From the start of your workout your brain will release some different neutransmitters that will make you feel great. One of these is endorphins which are the explanation for the “runners high” syndrome, where you will feel like you are in your own little heaven. Also Serotonin will be produced in larger amounts when exercising. Serotonin is known for playing a big role in your mood and higher levels for Serotonin can stop and/or weaken any depression you might have.


Stop Diabetes!


One of the big healthrisks that just seems to grow uncontrollably is Diabetes. It is often something that follows with an unhealthy lifestyle, and with more and more TV, computer, etc. in our life, we, as a race, has become lazier and Diabetes is becoming one of the major health problems all around the planet.


But just like the changes in your DNA, small changes in how fat is metabolized in yout muscles, also happens after just a single training session. University of Michigan found out in a research from 2007, that any cardio workout increased storage of fat in the muscle, with ended up improving insulin sensivity. If this sensivity (also called insulin resistance) becomes low, it can lead you to get Diabetes for the rest of your life, making you need treatment every single day.


You will become more focused


Training will make your braincells go into overdrive, making you more alert and focused during your workouts, but also after the workout is done. In a research from 2012 on the mental effects of exercise, researches found out that activites with just the length of 10 minutes improved concentration and focuse in the people they tested.


Kick the stress out


Anxiety and Depression Association of America estimates that about 14 % of people turn to exercise to mitigate stress. And even though hitting the tarmac is, as an definition, a stress response where the cortisol increases and your heart rate quickens, it can throw away some of the negativity in your brain. So even then exercise on paper stresses you, it will, thanks to increased bloodflow to your brain, Endorphins, Serotin etc. that we already mentioned before, give you a mood-boosting that will take the stress out of your mind and body, leaving you with a better life.


Written by René