Look Keo 2 Max Review

30/08/2013 01:27

Look is a well known cycling brand. Today I am going to review their Keo 2 Max road clipless pedal 
Weighing in at only 131 grams a pedal, these are quite light compared to some of the other pedals provided on the market today. The pedals are constructed with a mixture of carbon and stainless steel, giving them high durability as well as a weight reduction. 


Look Keo 2 Max


On The Road
It is all good and well to know all of the theory surrounding these pedals, but the real question is, how do they ride? 
These pedals perform very well on the road in all conditions. In the past I had malfunctioning with other pedals, especially in sprints or on the track, where a lot of pulling tension is put on the pedals. This however has never happened with my set of Keo 2 Max pedals.


Look Keo 2 Max



Again emphasising their durability. The cleats which come standard with these pedals do not work on the other Look pedals, which at first was quite disappointing. The upside of this is that it is due to the additional rubber sections on the cleat which ensures grip when walking, which we all know how hard walking with cleats some times can be. 
Another note is that the pedals can not be loosened with the standard allen key bicycle tool, but instead requires a larger size of allen key. This means an additional purchase if you do not already own one and also leaves the issue of fixing the bike on the road, should you not have the correct size handy. This is a small inconvenience which I will gladly suffer, knowing that I probably won’t have to remove the pedals any time soon. 

The verdict

This is really a great quality product worth considering, if you are planning on buying new clipless pedals. It is one of their older products, but I have yet to see a replacement for my set with the same durability and reliability. 
Written by Janneman