Oakley Jawbone Review

01/09/2013 22:54

Oakley is probably the most famous maker of sunglasses for sporting athletes. Every kind of sports from running to cycling etc. got athletes sponsored by Oakley. Chris Froome is a well-known user of the Oakley Jawbone I am reviewing here. Oakley-glasses are a very niche kind of product due to their massive prices. The Oakley Jawbone’s (Full name is Oakley Jawbone Polished Black with Positive Red Iridium and Persimmon Lens) I have been testing will cost you around 250 euro’s. That is a lot, and most people will not even be thinking of putting in such insane amount of money into a pair of sunglasses for cycling. But people forget that the UV-rays from the sun can damage your eyes. Yes sunglasses does take away the light, but the UV-rays does continue through the glasses directly into your eyes. The Oakley Jawbone though, comes with polarized lenses, which prevents up to 99,9% of the UV-rays from hitting your eyes. So if you want to protect your eyes, which is an important organ for living a normal life, maybe 250 euro’s isn’t that bad.


 Oakley Jawbone Polished Black with Positive Red Iridium and Persimmon Lens


On the road

For those 250 euro’s you get two pair of lenses, both costing around 80 euro per set. And of course the frame comes with it. In addition, a hardcase for transport is also a part of the 250 euro package.

They are extremely light. And the lenses are unbelievable. I knew before buying them, that the lenses uses same technology as the visor on the helmets that astronauts use, but I was speechless on my first trip. When putting them on, you have forgotten that you are wearing those 5 minutes later. That is how clear the lenses and how light the glasses are. They show everything much clearer than I have been used to from other sunglasses.


The looks of the Jawbone’s are a bit aggressive. I would not find myself wearing them for other purposes than on the bike because of that, but other people probably would. But they are not ugly, actually far from it. I like the different looks of the 2 lenses, instead of a single lense going from right to left (like the Oakley Radarlock). It does give you a slightly poor visibility due to the frame locking your sight on the sides of the glasses. It does force you to turn your head more around to be in able to spot cars behind you, than if you were using a pair of Radarlock’s.
Nevertheless, it is fun to wear them. Not just because your training buddies are jealous of you having Oakley glasses, but also because it gives some extra motivation, and coolness to the Jawbone’s, when you look on Chris Froome winning Tour De France on the same pair of glasses you are riding. Just like if you are the owner of the same frame as a rider winning his races.


 Oakley Jawbone Polished Black with Positive Red Iridium and Persimmon Lens


They fit my head too. Others will maybe not have it that way because we come in all kind of different sizes, but for me, they do a great job keeping the wind and dust away from my eyes.

They have been hard to damage too. I had dropped them twice on a hard surface of stones, and the lenses was taking the blast the 2nd time, but nevertheless, they look good as new still. Still after many km they are solid as new, and they don’t feel cheap at all. Everything seems to be produces in the highest quality possible, which also is expected when you remember the price.


The verdict

So is Oakley Jawbone really something everyone should buy? Well, it depends on your wallet and interests. If sunglasses are just for protecting your eyes from dust and the wind, any Oakley glasses would probably be an overkill. However, if you want the best lenses and quality, along with protecting your eyes from the UV-rays, the Oakley Jawbone is just for you. They look nice too, and are a bit different from the standard glasses other bikeriders are using. 


Written by René