Shimano 105 5700 Review

02/09/2013 11:30


Shimano is probably the most famous bicycle parts manufacturer there is in. Shimano is one of the three main producers of bicycle parts, the other two brands are SRAM and Campagnolo.


Brand: Shimano

Type: 105 (5700)

Weight: -

Price: +/- € 450 (set of 8)

Specs: Includes: Dual Control levers, crankset, cassette, derailleur (x2), brakes, chain and bottom bracket


NOTE: There a different 105 groupsets available which might include other parts


The Shimano 105 group is the 5th group of Shimano, only Ultegra and Dura Ace are considered as better Shimano groups. The Shimano 105 group is advised to people who rider over 3000-4000 kilometer a year since the groups below the 105 wear off faster and need to be replaced sooner.


When buying a bike it’s important to know what group set is on the bike. Some shops choose to mount two different groups on one bike. For example a Tiagra crank and a Shimano 105 Group derailleur, why? Because it’s cheaper than to mount a fully 105 Group set. Tiagra isn’t a bad group, but it’s better to know straight away that you buy a bike that contains other group parts. Better than finding out later on, and get disappointed.





After 10.000 kilometers the 105 Group is still working as it should be. The only part that has been replaced is the chain. If you replace the chain once a season you prevent wear on the cassette and crank who are more expensive to replace than a chain (€20). Most people don’t buy complete new groupsets, but just replace the parts that are wear. In my case the chain. My estimation is that I can go up to 20.000 kilometers before I have to replace the more expensive parts of the group as the derailleurs, crank and the cassette.


The 105 Group has matched my expectations. It is a very good group compared to the price you have to pay and it doesn’t wear fast. All part besides the chain easily can do 20.000-25.000 kilometers before they need to be replaced. For a better durability it is advised to replace the chain once every 5.000 kilometer or once a season.


The Verdict


I would advise the Shimano 105 Group to everyone who rides up to 10.000 kilometers. If you ride more than 10.000 kilometers a year it might be cheaper to buy the Ultegra or Dura Ace since it has a better durability. Even if you only ride 1.000 kilometers a year I would advise the 105 Group over Sora or Tiagra because it would demand less maintenance and it’s likely you can keep using it during the completely life span of the bike.




Product for value 



Written by Ronald