Training Safely

10/12/2013 19:44
Being exposed to danger is part of a cyclist’s life. If it’s not the elements ,it’s the threat of a fall around the next corner or being hit by a car while obeying the rules of the road. So what can you do to minimize the risk?
Well you can and should always:


  • Wear a helmet , even if it is just for a quick ride to the corner shop , you don’t want to find out that damage occured because you were not wearing a helmet.
  • Keep your bike well maintained especially the brakes and chain system , not being able to stop when required or being able to get away when you should is something that can easily be avoided.
  • Wear bright clothes , Neon coloured clothing is the way to go as you don’t blend into the road or the horizon when wearing this and being visible to motorists is rather important.
  • Always remember which side of the road is the safe side, this rule applies to tourists especially.
  • While on a training ride it is safer to find cover and wait out the storm than to brave the weather. Lightning strikes and not being seen by motorists is a real danger here.
  • If you are out on a group ride , ride single file instead of an echelon formation, it gives cars the ability to pass without you running the risk of being clipped by a mirror or worse.
  • Make your intensions clear by using hand signals if you are about to turn.
  • Keep your ears open , no headphones while you are cycling on the road so you can hear oncoming traffic.
  • Avoid cycling at night but if you have to make sure that you are visible and if possible stick to well lit areas.
The cardinal rule is use common sense, but stay safe out there.
Written by Janneman