Vittoria Zaffiro Pro Review

05/09/2013 22:19

If you are using a hometrainer in the winterseason or on a rainy day, you probably have experienced how a normal roadbike tire is destroyed in a matter of 1000 km on such one. This is due to the high temperatures and resistance the wheel is experiencing. Therefore, you will need a reartire meant for only to be used on a hometrainer. Vittoria Zaffiro Pro is one of these hometrainer-tires, and I have been testing it on my Elite Mag Speed Alu hometrainer. They have been equipped since 2011, so this is the second Scandinavian winter coming up for this tire.


Vittoria Zaffiro Pro



Look wise, they are completely red, which is due to the rubber being extra good for a hometrainer, but if you take it on real roads; you will find yourself punctured within a few km. They have absolutely no punctureresistance at all, so only use them on the hometrainer. Therefore, it can be a bit of a trouble if you only have one pair of wheels, and have to switch from your rear roadtire to the hometrainer-tires and back again before hitting the roads. However, believe me, in the end that is the best thing you can do. Hometrainers just kills normal roadtires. Therefore, if your fronttire is black or anything other than red, don’t worry, nobody will ever see your different tire colors.


I tried using my Continental Ultra Sport on the Elite Speed Mag Alu hometrainer, but that story did not last long, until the tire was close to been eaten up totally by the rollers. But the Vittoria’s are looking just as new as when I bought them. They are really taking the punches from the hometrainer great. The black/grey stuff on the tires on the picture below, is just powder from the cylinder of the hometrainer. A quick clean, and the tires looks good as new.


Vittoria Zaffiro Pro


On the hometrainer is does a great job. It is silent and the grip is fine. Only on the highest resistance on the hometrainer I can make it do wheelspin if I accelerate, so it is more or less not a problem at all. I really cannot find anything bad about the Vittoria’s, they are doing a great job all around.


The verdict

The Vittoria Zaffiro Pro is a great tire for use on a hometrainer. It has a good grip, endurance, and is silent, so it will only help giving you a better experience on the hometrainer. In addition, it does not wear on your rear wheel’s roadtire, which means, that the extra money you spend on the hometrainer-tires now, you will have “earned” back again later. I simply see no reason not to buy a pair of tires for your hometrainer, and the Vittoria Zaffiro Pro will definitely be a good choice.


Written by René