Kieren Barnett

Kieren started riding a cheap department store mountain bike with his dad every so often, as he was growing up, through primary school and into high school. He never used his mountain bike for what they are made for, rather he did 30km on-road rides once every few weeks. 
As he grew older, he outgrew his bike. Eventually, it was time to get a new bike. His dad got him to test ride a road bike, and he instantly knew that he wanted the thrill of speed. He wanted to go for more long distance endurance rides. A few years on, Kieren has finished schooling, and is studying part time at university. With the extra flexibility and free time, Kieren rides most days of the week. He now rides as part of the Northern Beaches Cycling Club, which is a Cycling Australia registered club. 
Kieren has high hopes for cycling, as he hopes to take on the world and one day become a professional cyclist. Although he has a long way to go, he is one to never give up easily. He became friends with René through OCM; and when he was approached to write reviews for Cycling Tips Online, he was more than happy to. In writing articles, he hopes to become more educated in the cycling world in the process, which in turn may make him a better rider.