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Roadbike Reviews

11/09/2013 13:49
When Merida makes a bike, they mass produce it for the riders who don't want to lose an arm and a leg before they get on their bike. The Scultura Comp 905 is no exception, and has become rather...
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Wheelset Reviews

30/08/2013 01:04
Mavic is a very wellknown producer of strong and high quality wheels. I have been riding on their budgetwheels known as Cosmic Elite Clincher, which came with my 2012 Scott Foil. A 30 mm profile...
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Tire Reviews

05/09/2013 22:19
If you are using a hometrainer in the winterseason or on a rainy day, you probably have experienced how a normal roadbike tire is destroyed in a matter of 1000 km on such one. This is due to the high...
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Pedal Reviews

30/08/2013 01:27
Look is a well known cycling brand. Today I am going to review their Keo 2 Max road clipless pedal  Weighing in at only 131 grams a pedal, these are quite light compared to some of the other...
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Bike Computer Reviews

15/10/2013 16:53
Introduction This is a long term review of the Garmin Edge 500. I bought it in January 2010 and I have ridden around 35000km with it. The Edge 500 has most of the features of the Edge...
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Outfit Reviews

15/03/2014 13:13
Swedish based Craft is a brand most people who does sports probably knows. The company that was created all the way back in 1977 has established themselves as one of the biggest brands for sporting...
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Accessories Reviews

16/11/2013 11:36
I was never a fan of those big front lights. They looked big, heavy, and I thought the reason they were so bright was because they were alkaline battery powered. I never but battery powered lights,...
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