Uvex Sgl 203 Review

02/09/2013 11:15


Uvex is a German brand that produces safety and security products. It is also partner of World Tour team Argos-Shimano, which they provide glasses and helmets.


Brand: Uvex

Type: Sgl 203 (2013)

Weight: -

Price: € 39,95

Specs: 100% UV-protection, light transmission 8-18%

If you are looking for some good glasses which aren’t too expensive, Uvex glasses are a good option. Brands as Oakley and Rudy Project are often of better quality but are also pricey. Given the fact that Uvex is partner of a World Tour team it also means the quality of the Uvex products is of a certain standard as well. Probably not the best brand around quality wise but it certainly is from good quality.


Uvex SGL 203




It are good glasses that give you a clear view even when it’s very sunny. You can really notice the ‘100% UV-protection’ and the 8-18% light transmission that the product claims to have. The ‘open’ spectacle frame is a really big plus and together with its light weight you won’t notice that you are wearing glasses. The glasses good also be used in daily life. They glasses are available in several colours so you could pick a colour that fits you. A disadvantage of the glasses is that when you are sweating a lot that the drops of sweat are blurring the view. It’s the sweat that drops on your eyebrows that causes the blurriness, when the eyebrows make contact with the glass the sweat gets on the glasses. This is only the case when it’s very hot or when you are making long rides. The glasses can easily been cleaned – during the ride – with some water. The downside of the 8-18% light transmission is that if you are riding in bushy area the view becomes a lot darker.


The Verdict

Good buy if you are looking for good low budget glasses. Pretty big glasses, ‘open’ view and good protection against the sunlight. Disadvantage is the blurry view if you sweat a lot. All in all a good buy and I would advise it to other cyclists.




Product for value 



Written by Ronald